In 1916, a man named Joe Gould came to New York City. He slept in doorways, hung out in diners, and took a shower every now and then. He always wore the same garments. If someone gave him new clothes, he would throw the old ones out. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at him, but he came from a long line of wealthy Harvard graduates.

Gould had been working on a book for many years, a book he called “An Oral History.” He told everyone he could about the project and how he had already written millions…

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It was 1955. A boy was born in San Francisco to a single mother. She requested an adoption for him soon after, and he was placed with a husband and wife in the area, neither of whom had a college education. The mother protested but the couple promised to pay for his college education. Grudgingly, she agreed.

The boy grew up in a world of orchards and change. He was often bullied at school for his obsession with mechanics and his tendency to be alone. …

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This one is for all the procrastinators out there. If you’re anything like me, you always wait until the last minute to find gifts. But you still want the gifts to come on time, be affordable, and support small businesses and creators.

My mom always says you can’t have everything, and I’ve always believed her. I usually 2-day-free-delivery my way through Secret Santa. But this year, I went searching through the 11th page of Google to find some gems that were bank account, small business, and time friendly. Grab your credit card and let’s go shopping!

A quick note about…

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If you’ve ever tried to reason with a screaming baby, you’ll know what most design thinkers know: some problems are plain wicked.

In design jargon, “Wicked Problems” (a term coined by theorist Horst Rittel) refers to problems that are multi-dimensional, hard to solve, and require collaboration.

Vedika Dayal

Student, author, and wanna-be plant mom. Studying Business & Data Science at UC Berkeley. Thinking about how we can live more intentional, innovative lives.

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